How do I receive a fax?

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  1. Receive a fax via the central fax service

  • Incoming faxes can be sent to 519-888-4380 with a cover page to indicate who it is for

  • If you are expecting a document, send an email to to let them know

  • Telephone Services will receive the fax and forward it via email based on the cover page or content in the document that indicates who it is for

  1. Incoming faxes to a dedicated number can be directed to an email address

  • Receive a fax via an email account that has been set up with a dedicated fax number.
  • NOTE: Telephone Services Admin contact from your department must submit a ticket via Request Tracker to enable this service. 
  1. Incoming faxes can be printed automatically on a Xerox printer configured to receive fax

Need help?

Contact the IST Service Desk at or 519-888-4567 ext. 44357.


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