Calendar sharing in Outlook Web App

Adding a calendar

In Outlook Web App (OWA), you can add other people’s calendars, as well as calendars for resources, to see when they are free/busy.

  1. Click on Add Calendar and select From directory.
    Add calendar menu options
  2. In the From directory: field start typing the name of the person or resource whose calendar you want to open. An auto-complete list will display people and resources you've previously emailed or booked. If the person or resource does not appear in the auto-complete list, click Search Directory. Click on an entry to add it to the From directory: field.
    Open calendar from directory option
  3. Click Open.
  4. The calendar will appear overlaid on your calendar in a second colour. These calendar now appear in your list of calendars for future use. You can click on the person's or resource's name to show or hide the calendar. You can do the same with your own calendar.
    Your calendar section including a shared calendar


Sharing your calendar

By default, other people will be able to see whether your time is marked as free or busy, but they will not be able to see any details of your appointments and meetings. For most, this is the preferred option. You can provide increased access to your calendar if your colleagues need to know the subject or all of the details of your meetings. 

  1. Click Share.
    Menu bar with Share highlighted
  2. In the Share with: field start typing the names or userids of the people you want to share your calendar with. An auto-complete list will display people you've previously emailed. If a person does not appear in the auto-complete list, click Search Directory. Click on an entry to add it to the Share with: field.
    Share with field
  3. In the dropdown list next to each person's name, select the level of access you'd like them to have.
    Limited details: Ability to view meeting subject and location only.
    Full details: Ability to view all meeting details.
  4. Click Send. An email will be sent to each person informing them that you've shared your calendar.
    Sharing your calendar - access level options


Managing access to your calendar

To view who has access to your calendar and make updates:

  1. Under Your calendars, right-click on Calendar and select Permissions...
    Calendar options
  2. To change a person's access level, use the dropdown list next to their name.
    To remove a person's access, click the X next to their name.
  3. Click Save. An email will be sent to each person whose access you've changed.
    Calendar permissions pane

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