Creating appointments and meetings in outlook web app

Creating an event

  1. Click on the arrow next to New and select Calendar event.
    New calendar event button
  2. The create event pane will open. In the first field, enter a title for the event.

  3. In the location field, enter the location or click Add room to book a room.
    Create event - Title and Location

  4. In the Start and End fields:

    1. Select the start date of the event from the dropdown calendar.

    2. Select the end date of the event from the dropdown calendar.

    3. Enter the start and end times of the event or select the All day checkbox.

    4. Or use the scheduling assistant to find a time people and rooms are available.

  5. If applicable, select the Private checkbox.
    Creating event - start and end times, private

  6. If the event is recurring on a regular schedule, add a recurrence in the Repeat field.

  7. In the Reminder dropdown box, select the amount of time before the event, or None, you'd like to receive a pop-up reminder.
    Creating event - setting a reminder

  8. To receive a reminder by email:

    1. Below the Reminder dropdown, click Add an email reminder.
    2. In the Email reminder dropdown, select the amount of time before the event you'd like the email reminder sent.
    3. In the Send reminder to dropdown, select who the email reminder is sent to: Me or All attendees.
    4. In the Reminder message to send field, enter the message you'd like included in the reminder email.
    5. Click Close.
      Create event - email reminder options
  9. In the Show as dropdown box, select how the event will appear in your calendar: Free, Working elsewhere, Tentative, Busy, or Away.
    Creating event - show time as

  10. In the WYSIWYG text box, add any additional event details.

  11. To attach a file, click the Attach button.

  12. For an appointment, click Save.
    For a meeting, invite people to the event and then click Send.

Create event - all fields


Booking a room

If a room is setup as a resource in Exchange, you can book the room by inviting it to the event. Typical meeting rooms will automatically accept the request if the room is available during the event time. Rooms configured to require approval will tentatively accept the request and the booking delegate must accept or decline the request.

  1. Click Add room.
  2. Select a room from the list of resources available during the event time.
    Creating event - available rooms
  3. Next to location, add any additional location details.
    Creat event - location details


Adding a recurrence 

If an appointment or meeting is repeating on a regular schedule, you can add a recurrence instead of creating an event for each instance.

Example 1: Bi-weekly meetings

To schedule a meeting that occurs every other Tuesday during the spring term (May-August):

  1. In the Repeat dropdown, select Other... 
    Create event - repeat dropdown options
  2. In the Occurs dropdown, select Weekly. Note: Each option will present different fields below.
    Create event - occurs dropdown options
  3. In the Every field enter 2.
  4. Select the Tuesday checkbox.
  5. Click Save.
    Create event - repeat pattern options
  6. There are now two more fields:
    1. In the From: field, enter the start date for the recurring appointments/meetings: first Tuesday in May. (Note: the default is the date from the Start field) 
    2. In the To: field, enter the end date for the recurring appointments/meetings: last Tuesday in August (Note: the default is None
      Create event - From and To fields

Example 2: Twice per month meetings

To schedule an appointment or meeting that occurs every second and fourth Tuesday of the month indefinitely, you need to create two events that recur monthly, one for the second Tuesday and one for the fourth Tuesday.

  1. In the Start field, select the date of the first meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. The options now available in the Repeat dropdown list are based on the date in this field.
  2. In the Repeat dropdown, select Every second Tuesday
    Create event - repeat dropdown options
  3. Repeat for the fourth Tuesday of the month.


Inviting people

  1. Under People, click the Add attendees (+) button.
    Create event - add attendees

  2. To add people:

    1. In the Required attendees: field, enter the email addresses of the people you'd like to invite to the meeting, separated by semi-colons. As you type, an auto-complete list will display people you've previously emailed. Click on an entry to add that person to the Required attendees: field.
      Create event - required attendees

    2. Or if you've added them to your contacts list, under Your contacts, double-click on the names or click the plus sign (+) next to the names of the people you'd like to invite to the meeting. 
      Create event - Your contacts

    3. If they have a UWaterloo Exchange account (faculty, staff, grad student), in the Search People box, enter their names or email addresses and press Enter. Double-click on the names or click the plus sign (+) next to the names of the people you'd like to invite to the meeting.
      Create event - Search people

  3. Click Save.

Using the scheduling assistant

The scheduling assistant is a useful tool for determining meeting times. It allows you to simultaneously view the calendars of all invited people (if they have a UWaterloo Exchange account) and rooms.

  1. Next to People, click Scheduling assistant.
    Create event - Scheduling assistant
  2. In the Attendees: field, start typing the names or email addresses of the people you'd like to invite to the meeting, an auto-complete list will display people you've previously emailed. If a person does not appear in the auto-complete list, click Search Directory. Click on an entry to add it to the Attendees: field.
    Create event - schedling assistant, adding attendees
  3. Click the Add room button.
  4. If there is a particular room you'd like to use, click Show all rooms and then click on the room. 
    Otherwise, click on Any available room. The first available room during the time slot you pick will be selected. Click on # others available to switch to the next available room.
    Create event - adding a room in scheduling assistant
  5. Browse through the calendar to find a time with no or few conflicts.
    Note: Unless someone has shared their calendar with you, you will not see full event details. You will only be able to see what times they have appointments/meetings scheduled and whether those times are listed as Free, Working elsewhere, Tentative, Busy, or Away.
  6. Click on the time you'd like the meeting to begin. The Start and End fields will be updated accordingly.
  7. Change the end time to adjust the length of the event. The default is one hour.
  8. Click OK.

Create event - scheduling assistant

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