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Mobile devices such as BlackBerry, Apple, Android and others change very quickly. Android devices can have different experiences depending on the particular implementation. As such we provide documentation on a best efforts basis and encourage you to read the vendor's documentation for the particulars of your specific device and software versions.

Apple devices

  • From the "Settings" application, choose Passwords & Accounts
  • On the "Add Account" screen, select Microsoft Exchange
  • On the "Exchange setup" screen, enter the following and select "Next":
    • Email:
    • Description: Anything you wish
  • When it asks "Sign in to your "" Exchange account using Microsoft?" select Sign In
  • Password: Your WatIAM password
  • In the Server field:
  • In the Domain field: nexus
  • In the username field: WatIAM username
  • Your device will now verify your Exchange account settings
  • Tap the Save or Done

Android devices

  • Settings  
  • General  
  • Accounts   
  • Add account   
  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync 

You will need to enter following information to set up your email account:

  • Email Address:
  • Domain\Username: nexus\WatIAm username
  • Password: your WatIAM password
  • Server Address:

Follow the screen instructions. You will need to tap OK a couple of times and tap Activate at the end.

BlackBerry Android devices

Add an email account to the BlackBerry Hub:

  • Tap the BlackBerry Hub
  • Tap Add account
  • Enter your email address, and then tap Manual Setup
  • Tap your account type - Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • Email address:
  • Username: nexus\WatIAM username
  • Password: WatIAM password
  • Server name:
  • Tap Next
  • Tap OK
  • Tap Activate

BlackBerry OS 10

On the device, swipe from the top and go to:

  • Settings
  • Accounts
  • Add Account
  • At the bottom > go to Advanced, and select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • Description - can be anything you want
  • Domain = nexus
  • Username is your userid (WatIAM username )
  • Email Address is your
  • Password – your WatIAM password
  • Server Address :
  • Next > Done


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