Connecting to the VPN on Android

  1. Install the AnyConnect app from Google Play,
  2. Agree to the License agreement and say OK to the security warning and app permissions.
  3. Open the AnyConnect app.
  4. Tap on Connections.

AnyConnect app - connections screen

  1. Tap Description. Enter in a name for your connection UWVPN, and then tap OK.
  2. Tap Server Address.
  3. Type sever address name:
  4. Tap Done.

AnyConnect app - advanced preferences

  1. Click Advanced Preferences and tap on UWVPN.
  2. Turn AnyConnect VPN ON.
  3. Enter your WatIAM username and password, and then tap Connect.

Need help?

Contact the IST Service Desk at or 519-888-4567 ext. 44357.


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